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Police on horseback at G20

Not much happening here.
I should point out that the music is not added – I was in front of a violin shop and a guy who I assume was the owner was standing out front playing quite beautifully.

G20 Rumors Flying

Radio, Twitter, Blogs and street conversations are all full of rumors now.
Unconfirmed: Fort Pitt Bridge Closure as of 5:30pm today
Many reports of FBI, police, Men in Black showing up at folks houses asking lots of questions and some have even [...]

Pittsburgh G20 Protests Have Begun

Not sure if any lower profile arrests have happened yet, but Greenpeace gets to call “first” with their huge banner and rappelling expedition off the West End Bridge.
“In a daring stunt that proved a first test of police preparations for [...]

Pittsburgh G20 Update

My previous posts about the G20 in Pittsburgh have brought quite a few visitors to my blog, so I thought I would post a couple of relevant links to help you get more information about what is going on:
G20Media.org is [...]

Preparing for the G20 in Pittsburgh

As the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh September on 24th and 25th draws near, it seems as though everyone has just now realized that preparation is important. Government, businesses, every day people who don’t give a damn, and protestors are now [...]