G20 Day Two

I am still not caught up with uploading video and photos from yesterday. But after last night, I think I need to get back into the city in a hurry. I have been trying to remain neutral on all of this, but there are way too many confirmed or at least believable reports of bizarre stuff going on. I don’t mean to say I am joining the protests, but I am definitely there with a camera in each hand looking for assholes on either side. From what I saw yesterday, the police in general were very professional and polite downtown, but once I got closer to the rough parts it seems like maybe the crowd dispersal techniques may have been a bit heavy handed for a group that was being relatively peaceful at first. Once the vandalism and mayhem begins, things can get ugly after a long day of standing at attention in riot gear in the hot sun. Waiting for a battery to charge then I am out the door again to catch up with the march that I think Thomas Merton Center put together. It is “approved” so probably safe. Yeah… “approved” or permitted free speech… I will go on a 1st amendment rant soon, I am sure.

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2 comments for “G20 Day Two

  1. AStarSpangledGirl
    September 26, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Um….do you guys realize the reason you were busted by Police was because you protested without permits???


    We are all on the same side.

    The “TEABAGGERS” have made tons of progress in the past 6 months PEACEFULLY!!

    We have managed to stop the healthcare SCAM (yes, it’s a scam), we managed to slow down CAP & TRADE, we have busted #ACORN for its corruption and gov giving them OUR MONEY for ILLEGAL ACTIONS, We had 3 resignations from the admin and the most important…we had the AUDIT THE FED hearings yesterday.

    While you silly kids were out shouting in the streets without a PERMIT…most of us were watching the hearings!!!

    We are on the same side!!!

    WE, the older and bit wiser, know how to do this.

    You kids are confusing CORPORATISM with Capitalism.

    JOIN US in our battle. Divided we will never bring the banks and corrupt government down.

    All of you guys need to join either CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY or YOUNG AMERICANS FOR LIBERTY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that way we can all beat the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and have them STOP giving them from giving our hard earned money to CORRUPT CORPORATIONS.

    • September 26, 2009 at 6:31 pm

      I think you should probably read up on what has been going on here in Pittsburgh before launching into something like that. Relatively few of the arrests were what you could call protestors. Pitt students were hit with tear gas, rubber bullets and beaten. Why? Because they were there. Last time I checked we didn’t need a permit to be outside in America. I don’t necessarily agree with the methods of the anarchists, anti-corporatists, etc and I am not one to believe that street protests accomplish much. But do you seriously believe that the tea baggers have accomplished anything? Those resignations will be replaced by more of the same. If you really did stop healthcare reform, you have done nothing but protect the insurance industry.
      Calling 40 year olds “silly kids” and telling people to get some brains doesn’t do much if you really want people to listen to you.
      If you “older and wiser” folks have had so much success since you “know how to do this”, why does it still need to be done? Do you really think the banks, corporations and government will listen to you because you are more polite? The teabaggers and anarchists alike must realize that change isn’t going to happen from playing nice, and it isn’t going to happen from having tantrums either. The people in power have so much power that they really have no need for us… except as cheap labor and consumers.
      You also make an awful lot of inaccurate assumptions about the people you are criticizing. Most protestors I met this week are very well aware of the meaning of corporatism, capitalism, and most other isms. The dumpster pushers were young, but the demographics of the various flavors of protestors were pretty diverse. You seem to assume it was nothing but anarchists. If you get all your information from TV, you would think that. On the street there were of course anarchists, socialists, libertarians, Iraq War vets, Tibetans, Ethiopians, gays and lesbians, various right wing groups, every day people who are just pissed off…. hundreds of different causes in town for what amounted to a convention for world wide causes, all trying to get a piece of the world’s attention. It isn’t that they are “protesting the G20″ as much as “protesting/demonstrating DURING the G20″.
      In the last couple nights, the police have managed to ad a new group – people who really don’t like heavy handed police tactics and like to keep our first amendment rights intact. The people on the streets tonight probably couldn’t give a rats ass about the G20 at this point. They are pissed off that they have been abused.

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